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Based on 283 reviews
10/10 The best Bbq Sauce Omg 😋

10/10 perfection 🥰🥰🥰

Delicious Salt

Absolutely love this product. I put it on some grilled chicken with Lime the other night. They all loved it and now I feel there are going to be at least another 6 orders from that Dinner Party. I have also received great feedback from friends who received this salt as a Christmas gift from my husband and I.

Rib Rub
Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

I highly recommend the Rib Rub,
I marinated a whole rack of pork ribs overnight & cooked them in the oven, the ribs turned out beautiful & incredibly tender!

Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

Highly recommend the Chicken Bbq Rub,
I marinated chicken wings overnight & cooked them in the oven, the chicken wings turned out tender, skin was crispy & delicious!

Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

I highly recommend the Honey Bacon Rub,
I marinated a whole chicken overnight & cooked it in the airfryer, the chicken turned out great with a nice colour also.

Original BBQ Rub
Brenden Lucht
Love it

very well balanced and rounded rub, good for all proteins. great flavor with depth.

different but good

lovely blend of sriracha, honey and a hoisin- Chinese five spicy type flavor . thoroughly enjoyed the sauce.

Sweet, Smokey It's Simply The Best!

This honey has its own character of flavour, it's so yummy, it enhances every meal I cook, I love putting it my chicken wings soo good! 10/10 thankyou Smokey Q for selling an incredible product. 👏

Delicious 10/10

I am very impressed with this Truffle salt, its quiet generous with the truffle & you can taste the quality of the salt flakes, such a very good seasoning I add it to everything including on my tomato & cheese vitawheat biscuits 😋 it's super versatile at first it smells very potent when you open the jar, but when cooking the flavour is more subtle it's perfect 10/10 👌🏼

10/10 Addictive Tasty Hot Jalepeño Sauce

This sauce is amazing already on my 2nd bottle, it compliments every meal, lovely flavour, great amount of heat, one thing I've noticed about this sauce compared to others I've tried over the years, for a Jalepeño hot sauce doesn't have the curry spice flavour to it. My personal experience it so yummy! Give it a try for yourself you won't be disappointed 😊

Yum yum

They add amazing taste to the meal and are great value for money. Really happy with the purchase

Pretty dam good.

I got this to try recently as I love Siracha. Definitely a step up from a regular BBQ sauce but not as spicy as a Siracha so hits that sweet spot between them.
Would be good if it came in a sauce bottle rather than a jar though.

Smokin Guns Charcoal Rub
Alexander Ynema
This rub is the best.

Ever since my brother pointed it out to me it's been our go to rub for steak.

Smokey Q

Na een duidelijke en goede uitleg van Tommy, heb ik een mooi pakket thuis gekregen van Smokey Q. Persoonlijk ben ik zeer verrast na de smaken en geuren op basis van 100% natuurlijke ingrediënten, laag in suikers en zout en ook nog eens glutenvrij.
Vooral de sweet hog honey bacon 😍 en de bulls head sriracha is hier al favoriet, die is overal heerlijk bij. Ik ben zeer verrast van Smokey Q rubs en sauzen en ik raad het iedereen aan om te proberen!

After a clear and good explanation from Tommy, I received a nice package from Smokey Q. Personally, I am very surprised by the flavors and scents based on 100% natural ingredients, low in sugars and salt and also gluten-free.
Especially the sweet hog honey bacon and the bulls head sriracha are already favorites here, they are delicious with everything. I am very surprised by Smokey Q rubs and sauces and I recommend everyone to try them!

Spice pack

Always love your spices great on the meat and best BBQ sauce

Good flavour but too salty

Tried your original BBQ rub on some beef brisket. Good flavours but a few of us commented that it was a little too salty.

Hello Paul,
If you apply too much of the rubs on a protien it will be salty, you need to place less rub or salt on a smaller piece of protien and more on a larger piece you juts need to find the happy medium for your palette. :)


Love this on a brisket, slow cooked for sliders with coleslaw.
Super easy and delicious!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed our Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub on your brisket. Slow cooking it for sliders with coleslaw sounds like the perfect combination. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy our product. Happy grilling!


Great taste and adds nice flavour to smoked pork ribs. Going to continue using it.

Mr Q BBQ Bundle
Melanie Finnie
An excellent gift for someone who has it all!

I bought this pack for my son's birthday. He thought it was the bee's knees and said he will definitely be buying some of the products again.
I thought it was an excellent gift.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our Mr Q BBQ Bundle. We are thrilled to hear that it made an excellent gift for your son's birthday and that he enjoyed all the products included. We are confident that he will continue to enjoy them in the future. Thank you for choosing our bundle as a special gift!

The beez kneez

The Burnt Bees Smoked Honey is a delightful twist, Adds that little extra to my BBQs. Simple, sweet, and with that hickory after taste. Highly recommend!

I’m a fussy honey eater. This product is okay. $15.50 for a jar this size is expensive.

Hi John, Thanks for the review considering the honey is raw WA honey then cold smoked and the addition of locally produced moonshine in comparison to standard honey its very cheap we believe consider the tremendous amount of effort gone into producing this award winning product.

Another excellent product but too expensive for me. I won’t buy again.

Thank you for your review considering fresh truffles are $900 a kilo and we use local WA truffles and Australian Sea salt flakes our product size and price is one of the cheapest in the Country !

Excellent Product but a little expensive!

Just love this use it on the BBQ and slow cooking


Absolutely loving all the flavours in this pack, definitely recommend it 👌

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf - SmokeyQ

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf

Smoked Cream Cheese - SmokeyQ

Smoked Cream Cheese

This delicious cherry wood smoked Cream cheese was a perfect starter for a cozy and flavourful dinner.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger - SmokeyQ

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

They really are SO GOOD!  Our Southern Fried chicken burgers that are crunchy, crispy, and properly seasoned and packed with BIG flavours.

They are versatile; you may make them plain or fancy as you choose. You can simply customise them to use your favourite salads and sides in place of the straightforward filling that I choose, which is crisp lettuce and tangy coleslaw. That crispy chicken is the main attraction!
Buttermilk seasoned with our Chipotle & Chicken Rub marinating the chicken for an entire night makes for incredibly juicy, tender, and flavorful results when pan-frying the chicken.

They are quite straightforward, and preparation is a breeze. The chicken is prepared ahead of time and marinated overnight in the refrigerator. Any salad can be cut, then refrigerated. The chicken coating can also be prepared beforehand.

So delicious and seriously loaded with flavour, these crispy chicken burgers are the ultimate dinner for fried chicken lovers! Ultra-crispy chicken fillets are sandwiched between soft burger buns with crunchy lettuce, mayo and tangy homemade guacamole. Way better than takeaway and so easy to make!

And for extra food porn Try the chicken on a waffle with some honey bacon rubbed popcorn then drizzled with our Cold smoked honey mmmmmm