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The SmokeyQ Story

Proudly owned and operated in Western Australia, our mission at Smokey Q is simple

To inspire the chef within everyone using the finest Australian ingredients to bring out the best and richest flavours for your meat while BBQing.

We do this by creating truly superior products with bold flavours and perfectly balanced sweet-spicy,salty-savoury profiles,exceeding other BBQ rubs or seasoning blends on the market.

Our products are hand-blended and packaged, while remaining completely gluten-free and containing absolutely no MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers.

Our team is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection when it comes to the development of delicious new sauces. Want to create your own unique bespoke spice & rub for business or manufacturing? We can make it happen.

Contract packing and Collaborations will be considered on individual applications.

The History Of Smokey Q

While on honeymoon with his wife in Vietnam in 2016, Paul wandered into a barbeque restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called Jake’s Barbecue, owned by a man from South Carolina. A head chef himself, Paul became hooked on the deep flavours of Southern-State American BBQ and the flavours produced from cooking over flames.

Inspired, Paul returned to his home in Western Australia and immediately bought an offset smoker (aka a stick burner). From there, Smokey Q was born - and has never looked back.

How Smokey Q products are developed

Paul began experimenting with an enormous range of flavour profiles on a mission to find the perfect blends. After months of research, trial & error, and rigorous experimentation, Paul developed a core group of spice blends which met his unwavering standards of premium quality. In his eyes, they were the best bbq dry rubs in Australia. He gave these blends to head chefs that he knew from his time in the WA hospitality scene to test his flavours out on various proteins and recipes . After almost overwhelmingly positive reviews from WA’s finest, Paul decided to start his family business: Smokey Q.Over the years, Smokey Q has only grown from strength to strength. After an initial launch of 5 products, Smokey Q now boasts over 25 dry rubs, salt blends, sauces and more - with more on the way. The products are now ranged nationally and have expanded into Asia, with an American launch scheduled for July 2022.

Smokey Q
Honours & Awards

The Perth Royal Food Awards are WA's finest food and beverage competition that encourages and rewards excellence within the industry. These special awards recognise the very best WA food and drink producers, with winners that are true leaders in their field through unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf - SmokeyQ

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf

Smoked Cream Cheese - SmokeyQ

Smoked Cream Cheese

This delicious cherry wood smoked Cream cheese was a perfect starter for a cozy and flavourful dinner.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger - SmokeyQ

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

They really are SO GOOD!  Our Southern Fried chicken burgers that are crunchy, crispy, and properly seasoned and packed with BIG flavours.

They are versatile; you may make them plain or fancy as you choose. You can simply customise them to use your favourite salads and sides in place of the straightforward filling that I choose, which is crisp lettuce and tangy coleslaw. That crispy chicken is the main attraction!
Buttermilk seasoned with our Chipotle & Chicken Rub marinating the chicken for an entire night makes for incredibly juicy, tender, and flavorful results when pan-frying the chicken.

They are quite straightforward, and preparation is a breeze. The chicken is prepared ahead of time and marinated overnight in the refrigerator. Any salad can be cut, then refrigerated. The chicken coating can also be prepared beforehand.

So delicious and seriously loaded with flavour, these crispy chicken burgers are the ultimate dinner for fried chicken lovers! Ultra-crispy chicken fillets are sandwiched between soft burger buns with crunchy lettuce, mayo and tangy homemade guacamole. Way better than takeaway and so easy to make!

And for extra food porn Try the chicken on a waffle with some honey bacon rubbed popcorn then drizzled with our Cold smoked honey mmmmmm

Get to know smokey

Hear from Paul himself about what he loves when it comes to barbequing and what inspired him to become the

King of the Q!!