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5 reviews

Get a taste of Redfall’s Vampires with Bethesda + Smokey Q’s “Bite Back” BBQ Spice Rub

Are you ready to bite back? Bethesda_ANZ has partnered with the Australian BBQ Rub experts at Smokey Q for the launch of Arkane Austin’s Redfall, creating the brand new ‘Bite Back’ spice rub. Taste your victories as you join the game’s heroes in taking the fight to the vampire legion laying siege to the island town of Redfall.

The ‘Bite Back Rub’ brings the taste of slain vampires to your table in a 100% natural, gluten free and vegan friendly spice mix. The delectable spice rub comes with a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavour, and while there are no actual vampires in it, the Bite Back Rub includes charcoal powder for that signature Smokey Q taste. The perfect flavour combination whether you’re squadding up and cooking a feast for your team mates, preparing a roasted snack, or slaying alone while adding an ashen flair to your fries.

We were delighted to bring our BBQ expertise to this partnership to create something wholly unique for fans in Australia and New Zealand – whom we know absolutely love their BBQ’s,” said Founder Paul Lange. “Making vampire ash, not only edible but also delicious, was a fantastic challenge, mixing in a variety of spices that’ll ensure anything you add it to tastes more fang-tastic than before.”

All net proceeds will be donated by us and go to Game On Cancer blood cancer research.

Please support this great charity.




Redfall is now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter M
First Class

Both products and service are absolutely first class. Takes my BBQ to a whole new level.

Jeremy Merchant
Vampire Dust

I opened the bag and thought im not going to like this. Im not a big spice person, but surprisingly it tastes way better than it looks and smells lol. Really enjoyed it on my steak and will definitely use it again

Rich A
My new favourite!

Loving this new rub, it’s on another level.
Big fan of Smokin Guns and Fierce Bull too.

Shane Bailey
Perfect spice level for me

I got to enjoy this spice rub at the Redfall launch party when it was used to salt the rim of a 'smokey margarita'. I might stock up on some more for summer cocktails later this year!

Best Vampire Ash I have experienced !

The flavours Smokey Q have created here are amazing capturing the Charcoal ash and incorporating some bite from the chipotle Chilli was a nice tingle on the tongue when eating with our pixie wings.

What’s in it? Nothing but the good stuff.

100% Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made using real, honest, natural ingredients. No weird chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives - just the good stuff.

Easy-to-use & versatile 

Our rubs and spices make elite-quality cooking simple. Just sprinkle or massage generously onto meat or veggies for immediately amazing flavours and tastes.

Perfectly Balanced Flavours

Everything at Smokey Q is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance all flavours, ensuring elite-quality tastes every time.

Australian Owned & Operated

Smokey Q is entirely Australian owned & operated, with a mission to create the best BBQ flavours on the market using only the finest ingredients.

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