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Mr Q BBQ Bundle

$85.00 $88.00

2 reviews

Become the BBQ master and rule over your domain with this Mr Q special selection BBQ pack.

Containing 10 of our most flavoursome, best smelling and seriously impressive rubs and sauces, you’ll be set for any BBQ situation. Your mates won’t know what hit them. 

This bundle contains the best BBQ dry rubs (plus 2 incredible sauces) in one convenient pack. The ideal gift pack for the cooking and grilling connoisseur in your life, or to bolster your personal pantry set-up. Sprinkle, massage, season, and spice up your BBQ meats, veggies, and kitchen creations with this handy variety of high quality, amazing tasting rubs, spices, and sauces.

All rubs and sauces contain no MSG, are completely gluten free, and are made entirely of natural ingredients.

Mr Q Favourite selection consists of:

1 x Beef Rub
1 x Smokin Guns Charcoal Rub
1 x BBQ Dry Rub
1 x Chipotle Rub
1 x Coffee Rub
1 x Rib Rub
1 x Chicken Rub
1 x Honey Bacon Rub
1 x Bulls Head BBQ Sauce
1 x Bulls Head Sriracha BBQ Sauce

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Bubbles
Great Flavours

All the flavors are amazing, my favorite is the Chipotle rub.

Great value pack

So many fantastic products in one pack. Have not tried one I have not loved.

What’s in it? Nothing but the good stuff.

100% Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made using real, honest, natural ingredients. No weird chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives - just the good stuff.

Easy-to-use & versatile 

Our rubs and spices make elite-quality cooking simple. Just sprinkle or massage generously onto meat or veggies for immediately amazing flavours and tastes.

Perfectly Balanced Flavours

Everything at Smokey Q is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance all flavours, ensuring elite-quality tastes every time.

Australian Owned & Operated

Smokey Q is entirely Australian owned & operated, with a mission to create the best BBQ flavours on the market using only the finest ingredients.

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